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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi everybody

I found while surfing the net that one can print directly onto the cloth with help of something called freezer paper and i wanted to try out this. Well i could not find freezer paper in my local market but i found something called paper fusing, which machine embroiders use as backing while doing embroidery on cloth. I ironed this fusing paper on the wrong side of the cloth after cutting it to A4 size and tried taking print out and viola i succeeded. i was so excited and became over confident after the first attempt that i put the wrong side i.e. the paper fusing side for the second printout and the pinter got jammed. i had to struggle a bit to get it out but i did not give up and took out two more printouts. This is what i did without realising that i am adding 3 more projects to my "unfinished work" list. Anyway, now nothing can be done, the printouts are out and i have to go ahead with it and finish these too.
This is what i did.....

A beautiful butterfly. I got it from the net, i am sorry i do not remember the site.

I started embroidery on this one.

I plan to embroider the tree and the bushes. let us see how it turns out to be. whether i will be able to do it or not.

In the meantime while i was hunting for freezer peper and trying out printout on the cloth i was also trying my hand on my new ribbon embroidery project. I tried my hand at making folded ribbon rose and daisies. This is what i made.....


  1. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my work.
    Yes we do get these punches in India. You can find them in hobby ideas, or maybe a big stationery store.

    Love your work. Particularly this work of yours. The roses look fantastic.

  2. Hi..
    I came to ur blog from Deepa's blog and your works are wonderful. I liked all your ribbon embroidery. I do thread embroidery and have made few ribbon flowers( gathered flowers and Dog petal flowers from Vani's blog). Your embroidery works are neat and beautiful.

  3. oh my God such detail i thought the leaves are made in lazy dazy stitch but when i enlarged the picture i realized its all ribbon work! BEAUTIFUL

  4. Beautiful work !!!!!! love the colours.I do thread embroidery but never tried ribbon work. I am going to try it for sure. Thank you for the inspiration. Good that I got your blog and following you.