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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hi everybody, my name is Ms Pratima Kapoor & I am new to this blogging business. I was wanting to make my own blogspot for quite some time to share my thoughts & work with the world at large,& here I am at last. I live in Delhi, India& am happily married & a housewife. I believe in simple uncomplicated lifestyle, going thru' life enjoining small small moments of happiness. I keep my self busy with embroidry, knitting, sewing ect. apart from household chores. Internet & craft blogs have helped me in honing my skills in these fields. I am not formally trained in handling & operating a computer. It all started when I was gifted an computer by my brother-in-law & his family. I started operating it tentatively, learning from various sources including my sister-in-law, & especialy her son & daughter, who taught us how to use the internet & later on the internet itself.

I hope to hear from you bloggers further helping me in sharpening my skills in the fields of my liking. Bye for now.


  1. Hi Chachi!!! Nice to hear that you have finally started blogging!!! :) :)
    All the best!!! and Happy Blogging!!! :D

  2. thks suhela. i;ll be posting my work very soon for you to see.

  3. Hi Pratima
    Its a great effort. Keep it up.

  4. H Prathima,
    welcom to the blog world..happy blogging..
    as beginer you have made a lovely stitching with ribbon embroidery..
    love the way you have done buds in the feather stitch..
    and also like the fabric flowers for your bag..

    wish you come up with more and more creative thoughts..


  5. many thks lakshmi for your kind n encouraging words. i like your work and follow your blog regularly.