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Friday, July 23, 2010

Thread Embroidery

The weather out here has not improved a bit, rather it has gone worse. We people keep looking up at the black clouds up there for them to burst open and drench us, but the God of rain does not seem to be in a mood to oblige us with rain here. Although the Met. dept. has been giving us rosy or rather multi coloured forecasts. It is something like Met. dept. proposes and God disposes. Well it did rain here for a day or two but it is not enough to cool down the weather. Now enough of this weather talk, i am not from met. dept. I better get down to the business for which i have opened this blog.

Thread embroidery is my first love and no matter how much i deviate to other form of embroidery i will always come back to thread embroidery as a homing bird does. I do not say i know each and every stitch of embroidery but whatever little i know gives me immense pleasure while doing it. Ever since i started reading craft blogs i have learnt quite a lot and i am learning new ways of embroidery everyday. I can say i am now addicted to craft blogs and spending more & more time reading these than working on my projects. I feel amazed & spellbound when i see the quality of work being done by the ladies. I have 3-4 projects waiting to be completed.

As promised while starting of my blog that i will show you & share with you my embroidery work done earlier, before i started blogging.

These are a few of them.

These are my wall hangings.

The vase is appliqued with black cloth.

Close up of applique vase.

Two beautiful parakeets fighting for berry.

One more pair of birds

Closeup of the birds.

It seems i must have been into flowery flowery mood to make so many flowers.

Bunch of poppy flowers out here.

Yellow rose.

another one.

another one.


another one.

This one is waiting to be finished. I think these many flowers are enough for the day. Hope you like my work. There's more to come, not flowers only ofcourse.


  1. Wow chachi, the flowers are beautiful! I didn't see these when I visited.

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