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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi everybody

I am fascinated with the idea of taking out printouts on the cloth directly. I have taken out two more. (that adds 2 more to my "must finish" list) The problem with it is that you get only A4 size printout on our home printers, and you must have seen in my earlier printouts that you have to attach extra cloth on to the edges to put hoop as there is no place left for it. Anyway it is good for small projects or when you are in mood to start a embroidery immediately, one does not have to go through the process of tracing it. Following are the two new printouts. Girl with basket of flowers and a bird on a flower branch.

Work in progress on the printout taken earlier. I should finish it in a day or two provided i do not leave it in between which i usually do. No i should not. I will get back with the finished project soon.

You can see the buds. They should open up in a day or two. I do not know the name of this flower. i will show you the flower when it opens. The season is changing slowly.We have been having heavy rains from past days. All the plants in our small garden looks neat and clean now. The sky is overcast and it might rain at night too.

Here are the beautiful and delicate flowers at last. They have very sweat fragrance.

As promised i did not leave my embroidery in between. Here is the finished project. Hope i have done a good job.

Flower closeup.

leaf closeup.

See you soon.


  1. Pratima can you tell us how do you take out print outs directly on cloth!!!

  2. Thank you very much Prathima..I dont think we get fusing paper here in our small town..I have seen them using news paper in machine n computerised embroidery..let me check n let you know..thnks a lott

  3. So Nice of you Prathima..glad i have you as a friend..let me check here..if I don find will definitely ask you...thank you dear..