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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Been so long.........

Hi everybody

Its been soooo long since i had a chat with you people. I am at my laziness best now a days. Not doing much, just planning to do things but seem to be in no mood to do anything. Oh yes enjoying summer season ( does anybody enjoys summer, i don't think so) and going through your beautiful blogs and watching your wonderful works.

Well i am doing a small and slow work at present.There is this dupatta of mine which i had embroidered some time back but was not satisfied with it and wanted to do something more on it and i started filling it up, though not doing a heavy work and i should have finished it long back but i am still pulling it on. (Blame it in hot and humid climate)Just one line left to finish.

This is what i had done previously on this dupatta but always wanted to fill it up.

This is what it is looking now after filling it up a bit.

I did little mistake while tracing designs and because of that i can still see some gaps in between which i think needs to be looked after.

Here is the close up of all design used.

Below is the saree i had worked on some time back. Did sequence work on pallu and border. The saree is parrot green in colour whereas pallu is light grey and on it i have used pink colour sequence. I have tried my level best to click clear picture but because of light colour pallu and little shiny material i think i could not do a good job.

Here is the saree border. Its a crushed material saree.

There is one more saree i am woking on since quite some time. Doing same sequence work.This was a plain red saree with white check design. I fail to understand why i undertake such tedious and time consuming work. I had plans only for border patti and while hunting for it i found one which i have used on it. Then like an idiot i started filling squares with sequence and pipes.

bye for now.