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Monday, March 14, 2011

nature's revenge or....

Hi friends

Latur, Bhuj though happened sometime back but spine chilling images are still very fresh in our minds and then Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and now Japan. Powerful killer earth quakes have rocked one corner of the globe or another at regular intervals. Recent ones occurring in just over a years' time.

The latest disaster has, unfortunately, hit Japan (it could have happened anywhere on the earth) & the misery & untold hardship it is causing to the people of Japan is unfolding in front of our eyes in our sitting rooms, thanks to technology. Our hearts go out in support of the people of Japan.

Once again mother nature has proved and shown us time and again that she is the boss and please do not mess with it or take her for granted . We people are so insignificant and so helpless in front of the forces of nature. Don't you think these earth quakes and floods & other natural disasters are happening at more frequent interwals now. Is it because humans are abusing the bountiful nature more than using it for our essential needs. I was just thinking whether it is the nature's way of reacting to the actions of humans. Do we, as the race, need to pause & reflect on our profligate ways & a need to rethink our so called developmental ways & do a mid way correction.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Knitting and Crochet


Hows' everybody? Weird to ask at this hour of the day I think. Its 10:54 pm and some of you must be sleeping or trying to sleep after having a cup of hot milk and some of you must be sitting on computer with cup of coffee, surfing the net like me. I am on the net now because this is the only time i get to be here. I am not only talking to you now but also washing cloths too, multitasking, you see. Well, i thought while the machine is doing its job I'll sit and show you some of my knitting done earlier by me. Learnt every project through net.

Following is the very first and definitely not the last shawl done by me. I have some very beautiful designs for shawls which i'll like to make in future with, of course, your best wishes.
Stitch is known as feather and fan stitch.
My vocabulary, be it of knitting or embroidery stitches, has improved and expanded widely.

I love to knit caps/topi (you can make out from the following photograph) as it is a small project and one can wear new caps every day. I am a self confessed Topimaster, you see. I have learnt to knit caps on circular needles thanks to the on line videos and tutorials.

I always wanted to learn and knit the following beret on circular needle. This is the very first beret made by me and i would love to do more with beautiful designs. I'll be definately back with more one day.

I am not a crochet person but always wanted to learn this art after seeing beautiful work on the various blogs. So one day i mustered enough courage for it and took the plung and learnt the following stitch and made my first "Ripple Stitch" crochet muffler for my hubby.

One more little crochet work i learnt from one of the blogger friend.

These are few of my knit and crochet work for now, i'll be back with more.

Hows the following design? Its on a tray. I bought it specially for this simple design.

Hope you like my work.