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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ribbon Embroidery

My love with Ribbon embroidery started when I bought a book from International Book Fair in Delhi. Frankly i did not know that anything by name of ribbon embroidery existed in this world. When I surfed the net for it, it opened a whole new world and chapter for me. I found lots and lots of beautiful & complicated ribbon work done plus videos and tutorials by experts in this field. I said, why not give it a try. So here i am with whatever little that i have made or rather learning to make (that's the right word). I have not done much work with ribbon but plan to do so ( i have to do it whether i like it or not) because I have bought lots and lots ribbons for it. I like this work. It is done fast and the end results are just beautiful.

This is the very first ribbon embroidery done by me . Small pink and orange roses.

My beautiful sunflower with beads and sweet little butterfly.

Ribbon and thread embroidery.

This is the close up of ribbon work.

Another small project of roses using spider web technique.

Three beautiful purple, pink and red flowers with three butterflies. I think I love to make dragonflies and butterflies. They look cute and so real.

Tried my hand at little bigger project. Roses with spider web technique. Center of roses are colonial knot stitch.
I used little beads for pink flowers. work on white flowers is to be done in this photograph.

Finally completed this project. I used yellow anchor thread for stamens and did colonial knots stitch in the middle of the white flower.

I used open rose petal technique for this flower. Learnt form the book I have. For the pollen or stamens I used golden colour lace and put red colour bead in the middle.

See my dragonfly. how beautiful it looks. the body is thread embroidered whereas feathers are with ribbon. It was plain white ribbon. i used different colour crayons to give rainbow colour effect. hope i succeeded in it. Plain white ribbon was looking so bland. Now my d'fly looks happy with some colour.

well this is what i have done with ribbons till now rather should i say tried with ribbons. But i want to make more and learn more. i will come back with more ribbon work shortly. Please give me some time as i have some other project to finish.

This is a old bunch of flowers i have. The flowers are falling apart very time i wash them. They are in good condition so i am thinking of using them somewhere else. i have an idea for it. so i have removed them from their stems. Let us see how it turns out to be.This is what i am working at present. if i delay this work i will definitely lose some of the flowers.

I would love to hear your comments on the work that I have done & also suggestions for improvements from you.


  1. The work is breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. Hi, Bob,
    I congratulate u on successfully starting your own blog, good work and keep it up. When puna wala's come to nagar i will show them.

  3. I am just learning how to use blogspot so here goes just looking at the work that is done here --I love the butterflies and appreciate the different presentation of your yellow one