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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hi everybody

Its been very long since i post something on my blog. My mother-in-law is very ill and i hardly get time to write or to go through your beautiful blogs (which i just love to do) though i did little embroidery sitting beside her whenever i am free. I did little embroidery on two dresses and plan to assemble my second stumpwork project. Hope i get enough time for it. I think i should find some time to go through your blogs which will cheeeer me up.

Winter has finally set in and it means beautiful and colourful woolens are out from the forgotten corners of the cupboard and boxes. I love to knit during this time but the problem is that i am very slow at it and i take very very long to finish one project but still i start one every winter and at times the same project takes two winters to complete. I have learnt a lot or should i say all that i know about knitting is learnt from the net, like knitting on cirular needles or using two circulars needles, reading charts etc etc. Amount of wool that i have at home at present will make people thing that i sell it. I started making my cardigan last winter, i better take it out and try to finish it. I'll take photographs of my woolen work once they are out and let you see my work. Well one can knit or embroider sitting next to a patient. My mother-in-law was a excellent knitter once upon a time but now her vision has gone down and she is unable to do whats she wants to do. I get lots and lots of encouragement from my MIL which keeps me going with my embroidery and knitting.

While cleaning my cupboard i found one old table cloth which i had embroidered long back but was under the impression that i have given it away so i never bothered to look for it. Very happy to find it with me. From now on wards i have decided to take picture of each and every work i do even if the project is for someone else. Anyways here it is for you to have a look at my work.

Done this design on all four corners in buttonhole stitch.

Closeup of the full corner design.

I did little embroidery on two dresses, just on the neck part sitting beside my mother-in-law.I learnt this stitch from Lakshmi and Deepa's blog and the stitch is called Chementhy.
Ever since i looked at it i wanted to try and us it on my dress. I liked it very mush. I plan to make cushion covers useing this stitch, i have design in my mind. Hope it works out.
I used blanket stitch on the neck edges. I will be filling the flower middle with golden sequence.

My sister-in-law presented this dress material to me and it has this simple design all over. My fingers started itching looking at the print to do something on it so i marked the neck part and did little embroidery on the design/print part useing harringbone stitch and put gold colour border around it. Two-three flowers are outside border which will be ripped off.

I have started assembling my second stumpwork, hope to post the finished work soon.

I'll be back soon with the complete stumpwork and my whatever kniting i have done to show you friends.

Take care all of you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi everybody,

We here at Delhi have been having heavy showers everyday. Our small roof garden is lush green now. All the plants look so neat and clean and the best part is that because of rains one does not have to water the plants so, that means one job less.....in daily routine, at least for a few days. I am finishing my anchor kit embroidery and by the time i write and post this i am sure i would have completed and taken a photograph of it to be posted along with this present edition of my blog. Meanwhile i am preparing for my next stump work project plus my ribbon roses are crying out to be put in designs.
Its nice to have something on hand to keep you busy. You do agree with me, i know.

I would like to share some of my embroidery work done earlier.

These are table cloths plus i have made five cushion covers. i have not taken the photographs of cushion covers.

Below are the pillow covers. I love to put some embroidery on my pillow covers as these are small projects and do not take very long to finish.

Wow! at last it is done. Here is my finished anchor kit embroidery. A happy shepherd returning home after a days work done satisfactorily, with his flock of goats.

While going through craft websites today i realised that i should let my blogger friends know about this beautiful site of cross stitch patterns which provides lots and lots of designs which one can buy or download lots of free designs which they provide. You have to register yourself first (procedure is easy and registration is free.)
Once you register, one can download previous free designs too and they are just bea.........utiful. You would love them. Just have a walk through this site and i bet you would like to stay there. At present this site is providing one x-stitch flower per month for the year 2010. Click on the link below and download PDF file for each month flower.

http://www.maurer-stroh.com/EMS2010_information.html copy these free designs . click each one design and you can down load PDF files for these.

There is one more site i had come across few days back. Let me check it out and i will get back to you.

Yes.... it is http://patternmakercharts.blogspot.com/ Do go through this site and you will find beautiful cross stitch designs ( you have to surf for designs) I found some beautiful ones.

Here are some pictures of laces to adorne my sarees and dresses with.

These laces shows amount of work still to be done by me.

Bye for now and see you soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

stump work

Hi everybody

What i have been doing last few days apart from finishing my flower embroidery(check my earlier post) hmmmmmmm... is that i made these ribbon roses ie. folded rib. roses, gathered rib. roses and few petals. and the work at my yo-yo factory is on and going great guns. I have made 50 plus of these. I am enjoying yo-yo making.

While these have been waiting to be put in the design i got a beautiful book through courier to distract me from my ribbon roses. These roses are left behind and i started a new project with the help of this book.
what a beautiful book and the power it has to distract you from your latest projects.

My latest project is stump work. My very very first attempt at it.(and hopefully not the last one, I think) I have never tried anything like this before. Never used wires in embroidery or with embroidery. I am enjoying it............Yes, that is important the work should give you happiness and satisfaction and then you look forward to the end result.

Here I am making petals on organdy with the help of wires and covering it with buttonhole stitch.

Here are the leaves. I only had white organdy and i wanted to go ahead with it so i painted the leaves with green crayon colour. i think the green colour has done a good job and my leaves are looking good.
later i will cut out all these petals and leaves assemble them as water lily.(that is what i am planning, it should look like one) Let us see how it turns out to be.

At last my very first stumpwork, a water lily is here for you friends.

Hope i have done a good job. Your comments on my lily would be highly appreciated.

Below is my Anchor kit project which i started last year.... yes last year and yet to be finished.

This is what i have done with it so far. Suddenly remembered about it yesterday and i fished it out. I should finish this first before i start new project. Infact there is one more anchor kit waiting to be started.

See you soon folks.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi everybody

I am fascinated with the idea of taking out printouts on the cloth directly. I have taken out two more. (that adds 2 more to my "must finish" list) The problem with it is that you get only A4 size printout on our home printers, and you must have seen in my earlier printouts that you have to attach extra cloth on to the edges to put hoop as there is no place left for it. Anyway it is good for small projects or when you are in mood to start a embroidery immediately, one does not have to go through the process of tracing it. Following are the two new printouts. Girl with basket of flowers and a bird on a flower branch.

Work in progress on the printout taken earlier. I should finish it in a day or two provided i do not leave it in between which i usually do. No i should not. I will get back with the finished project soon.

You can see the buds. They should open up in a day or two. I do not know the name of this flower. i will show you the flower when it opens. The season is changing slowly.We have been having heavy rains from past days. All the plants in our small garden looks neat and clean now. The sky is overcast and it might rain at night too.

Here are the beautiful and delicate flowers at last. They have very sweat fragrance.

As promised i did not leave my embroidery in between. Here is the finished project. Hope i have done a good job.

Flower closeup.

leaf closeup.

See you soon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi everybody

I found while surfing the net that one can print directly onto the cloth with help of something called freezer paper and i wanted to try out this. Well i could not find freezer paper in my local market but i found something called paper fusing, which machine embroiders use as backing while doing embroidery on cloth. I ironed this fusing paper on the wrong side of the cloth after cutting it to A4 size and tried taking print out and viola i succeeded. i was so excited and became over confident after the first attempt that i put the wrong side i.e. the paper fusing side for the second printout and the pinter got jammed. i had to struggle a bit to get it out but i did not give up and took out two more printouts. This is what i did without realising that i am adding 3 more projects to my "unfinished work" list. Anyway, now nothing can be done, the printouts are out and i have to go ahead with it and finish these too.
This is what i did.....

A beautiful butterfly. I got it from the net, i am sorry i do not remember the site.

I started embroidery on this one.

I plan to embroider the tree and the bushes. let us see how it turns out to be. whether i will be able to do it or not.

In the meantime while i was hunting for freezer peper and trying out printout on the cloth i was also trying my hand on my new ribbon embroidery project. I tried my hand at making folded ribbon rose and daisies. This is what i made.....