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Saturday, August 28, 2010

stump work

Hi everybody

What i have been doing last few days apart from finishing my flower embroidery(check my earlier post) hmmmmmmm... is that i made these ribbon roses ie. folded rib. roses, gathered rib. roses and few petals. and the work at my yo-yo factory is on and going great guns. I have made 50 plus of these. I am enjoying yo-yo making.

While these have been waiting to be put in the design i got a beautiful book through courier to distract me from my ribbon roses. These roses are left behind and i started a new project with the help of this book.
what a beautiful book and the power it has to distract you from your latest projects.

My latest project is stump work. My very very first attempt at it.(and hopefully not the last one, I think) I have never tried anything like this before. Never used wires in embroidery or with embroidery. I am enjoying it............Yes, that is important the work should give you happiness and satisfaction and then you look forward to the end result.

Here I am making petals on organdy with the help of wires and covering it with buttonhole stitch.

Here are the leaves. I only had white organdy and i wanted to go ahead with it so i painted the leaves with green crayon colour. i think the green colour has done a good job and my leaves are looking good.
later i will cut out all these petals and leaves assemble them as water lily.(that is what i am planning, it should look like one) Let us see how it turns out to be.

At last my very first stumpwork, a water lily is here for you friends.

Hope i have done a good job. Your comments on my lily would be highly appreciated.

Below is my Anchor kit project which i started last year.... yes last year and yet to be finished.

This is what i have done with it so far. Suddenly remembered about it yesterday and i fished it out. I should finish this first before i start new project. Infact there is one more anchor kit waiting to be started.

See you soon folks.


  1. great going Prathima..lillies are beautiful..

  2. Wow Pratima!!! The lily is beautiful!! No one would say that this is a first attempt.Looking forward to more.

  3. I agree with Deepa,No one would say that this is the first attempt,very beautiful

  4. Many Thanks for beautiful comments.

  5. You have created so beautiful needle art, Thanks for giving nice comment at my blog.

  6. WOW!the Lilly looks very cute.It doesn't look like it is the first attempt.Very talented hmm.Great work.Waiting for more of these creations.