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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hi everbody

Oh my God, I did not realise that i was away for so long from blogger world . Its been almost  5 months since i posted something out here, not that i have done a great deal of work to show but still its better to be connected with friends to see what they have done and to learn new things.

My husband fell ill in dec. 2012, was down with high fever for almost 15-20 days which left him drained of strength and could not join duty for almost 2 months so i was busy looking after him and during that time my brother and his family came down to be with me, they were of great help. My husband is fine now and has resumed duty, Thank God.

I did no do much just completed my crochet shawl for myself and a crochet baby blanket for  our grand son.

I made use of my brothers visit and made him model my work. You can see blanket hanging at back.I have added a simple black color border to the shawl now, this picture was taken earlier.

 My nephew was very happy to model for my work with a promise to take him out for treat.

Sweater made by me for my brother, he wanted one with shawl collar.

Hope you guys like my work.

I'll be back soon .

Take care.

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  1. Welcome back. The sweater is too good. The color is very nice. Liked the crochet shawl also.