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Friday, November 9, 2012


Hi every body

Hope you people are doing good.
I just could not bring myself to write after my mother-in-law's demise.  Actually there is not much to show to you people as i was pretty occupied with my MIL's illness and whatever spare time i could find and to boost my spirits i worked on two pillow covers sitting beside her.

I had been going through some beautiful blogs where these ladies have made some really excellent quilts using Hexagon and circles. These hexes really fascinated me and i thought of trying out these. I do not think i have those patience nor that talent to make such beautiful quilts but i certainly can use these hexes and circles to decorate my pillow or make complete pillow or cushion covers.

Hexagon flower getting ready to be stitched. You can see those stitches out there.

hexagone flower

  So here is my hexagon flower with leaf on the pillow cover.

I learnt from Janet M. Davies blog how to make perfect circles so tried out these as well and put them on another pillow and surrounded these circles with little embroidery.
Have a look.

I enjoyed doing these and  now i plan to make cushion covers using these two.here is the picture of both pillow covers. Making these were pretty fast then doing embroidery and some change too.

  I have come across some beautiful applique/patchwork cushion covers on the net.
What do you have to say about these cushions covers with circles.

On this cushion and quilt  below the colors stand out on black background.

 Below is pillow cover using hexagon, so colorful  and good use of scraps too.

I love these and mind you these are just of many many beautiful things made by some very talented ladies out there. There is so much to learn everyday and so much to do.

See you later friends till then take care.


  1. I love the appliqued cushion covers especially the one with black background, also love your waterlily.

  2. Awesome design....thanks that I got some inspiration and basic design and technique for my Patchwork craft Design development programme at Ponda,Goa....