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Monday, March 14, 2011

nature's revenge or....

Hi friends

Latur, Bhuj though happened sometime back but spine chilling images are still very fresh in our minds and then Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and now Japan. Powerful killer earth quakes have rocked one corner of the globe or another at regular intervals. Recent ones occurring in just over a years' time.

The latest disaster has, unfortunately, hit Japan (it could have happened anywhere on the earth) & the misery & untold hardship it is causing to the people of Japan is unfolding in front of our eyes in our sitting rooms, thanks to technology. Our hearts go out in support of the people of Japan.

Once again mother nature has proved and shown us time and again that she is the boss and please do not mess with it or take her for granted . We people are so insignificant and so helpless in front of the forces of nature. Don't you think these earth quakes and floods & other natural disasters are happening at more frequent interwals now. Is it because humans are abusing the bountiful nature more than using it for our essential needs. I was just thinking whether it is the nature's way of reacting to the actions of humans. Do we, as the race, need to pause & reflect on our profligate ways & a need to rethink our so called developmental ways & do a mid way correction.


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  1. Thank you for your sane voice! In America it is Christmastime now, and there are so many people buying so many wasteful things. So much junk! It makes me sad because so little of these purchases are really needed by the people recieving them, and will likely end up in the landfills.