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Friday, February 25, 2011

Embroidery on Dupattas

Hi everybody

Here at Delhi we are facing some freak weather since past few days. Days were getting little warm so we thought its the end of cold season and that too soon but then it started getting cloudy and we had thunder and hail storm one day and cold is back. Hope this nice weather continues till Holi festival.
We may fail and forget to do our job but Almighty never forgets and fails to do its work. He changes the weather slowly and with it comes new fruits and vegetables for that season for us to enjoy and relish. The colours in nature, be they be of flowers, fruits, butterflies, birds or animals are beautiful and bountiful and we like to capture that beauty in our embroidery. Nature inspires us like no one else. I thank Discovery channel for showing us beautiful and colourful fishes deep under sea. No colour is a mismatch. Almighty's designer is excellent. We embroiders salute Him for teaching us a sense of colour combination.

I too love to capture those beautiful colours from nature in my embroidery, some times i succeed and sometimes i fail miserably.
Here i am showing you some of my dupattas embroidered my me.

This is kantha work on silk. I made this for my sis-in-law long time back.

Following one was a plane cotton dupatta with golden border. I bought it with the intention to embroider it. It was like a blank very inviting canvas for me waiting to be embroidered. Drawing and tracing is done by me.

One more cotton dupatta. Embroidered only border.Though a finished project but every time i look at it i feel like filling it up in the middle with little flowers/bootee. It will look full and good that way, i think. What do you say?

Following one is made on georgette. Though it is complete and i am using it but i feel like putting some more designs in between to make it look fuller. I have some designs in my mind for it.

One more on georgette. One day i got into mood to embroider on red so i went and bought this dupatta and i plan to wear it with red patiala salwar. It is still a beautiful dream of mine as this is yet to be finished.

Hope you like my dupattas and the work on it.



  1. All the dupattas are very good and it seems a big project work,Thanks for coming and for all your informations.

  2. Wow,Pratima,all your works are beautiful.The cotton dupatta looks good this way.Every style of embroidery gives a different look to the fabric and the person wearing it.Kudos to your patience.

  3. Wow, unbelievable work! How long did it take to complete all these? You have lot of patience. Your work is so neat. Color combination and choice of stitches are great.

  4. Beautiful work Pratima...i especially love the red border work on the dupatta...
    I salute your patience to do same pattern more than once...

  5. All are beautiful Prathima..perfect..
    blue work on yellow georgett is very nice..if u add few more designs it look dense..may be small stones or beads can do..just my thot..

  6. Thanks every body for beautiful comments. Every word means lots to me and boosts my enery to do more and better.

  7. Lovely work Pratima!!!Its so beautiful, and you must have huge amounts of patience in doing such intricate work!!Wow!!Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Just came across your blog from another blog you had commented on. After seeing your work I must say that you are not just a 'Jack of all trades' but you also are a master of those trades !


  9. Its really looking very beautiful after this embroidery art by you on these Dupattas

  10. Mam can you please tell me which stitch is it that you have used in the white dupatta which has orange and green embroidery on the border?