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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hi everybody,

Hows everybody out there. I am not getting enough time to go through your beautiful blogs and i am really really missing it so much. Whatever little time i get after looking after my ailing mother-in-law is spent on finishing my cardigan which i had started last winter and i do not think i will be able to finish it this winter too plus i started making a muffler for my husband in between. Its still so cold out here and one loves to knit( provided you love knitting.)

Well i could finish my second stump work and assemble it.
Berries, a flower and few leaves (few detached and few embroidered on the cloth) . I still have to get it framed.

Following flower is done with long and short stitch plus i attached few stamens.

Detached leaves.

For berries i wrapped silk thread around big beads and the small black end part is made of wooden beads.

There is so much to do and so much to learn for you people. Knitting, stitching and doing embroidery makes me so happy as it does to you people. I feel my day is if wasted if do not do any of these in a day apart from my regular routine work.

See you soon.