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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Embroidered small projects

Hi everybody

Hope you all are doing good .

Weather out here in Delhi is changing slowly after a long spell of hot and humid days which makes you tired and lethargy. There is so much stitching to be done but I keep postponing the idea of sitting on the machine. Though i mustered some courage and stitched myself a dress which i will be posting later. I just make lame excuses to myself for not doing the work . I find even embroidering a bit difficult in this season as threads keep flying and get tangled because of fan being on high speed. Any way life goes on and I will have a different story to say during winter. You will hear me crying again because of cold weather. Well hot, humid or cold weather one find ways to fulfill one’s passion. I did not do much but whatever I did I would like to share with you folks.

               I came across some beautiful pincushions on the net and felt like making for myself. Below is the picture of my very first pincushion... I am sort of addicted to these pincushions work now. Cute little things to make for yourself and as present for friends who embroider.

I enjoyed making this and started making one more . I made the circle and after that my mind went blank as I did not know what design to make. So after 2-3 days I just drew on the cloth directly and started embroidery just to check how it will look. I got so carried away with the design that I completely covered the circle.
I used stem stitch, lazy daisy and bullion stitches for this. I am happy with the outcome. Embroidery is complete but I still have to complete the project .


I did 2-3 more small projects. I started making the following  as pincushion but turned it into a wall hanging but I think it can be used a pincushion too . Or it will be better on the wall????????  
After finishing the embroidery and cutting it in circle I stuffed it with cotton and mounted it on a “CD”.  Yes a non working CD (thanks to computers and music players) I learnt from a tutorial from the net. Here is the picture of my work.The work is mounted on a CD and stuffed with cotton

Below picture is the back of the work You can see the CD out there.

Then I took a cardboard and cut it to the size of CD and covered it with the cloth and sewed both circles ie. the front part with embroidery and the back part together so that the back looks neat.

I attached a loop on top while stitching two circles together so that it can be hanged.

 This is the back of the work with my name on it.

This is how it looks from the side. You can see the bulge  because of cotton stuffing.

This is another more small project i did to learn to make poppies with ribbon.

Hope you people like my work. See you soon
Take care.